Saturday, October 30, 2010


Going to work this morning was one of the hardest days ever to go to work. I knew that my TV was going to get before 10:30am, but I had to get to work before then. I had work then class then work then a test and I didn't get home till 5pm. It was very hard not to just ditch everything and come home, but luckily I had Will Power on my side and we able to endure.
When I got home I got to see this:

My amazing Sony Internet TV just waiting there to be opened. (My roommate took it out of the travel box and made it look nice for me.) I was super excited and even had a friend record me opening it. Here is the video:

Here is a fun picture of me screwing it onto the base to make sure it doesn't fall off and break.

I was so excited that I actually read the setup guide. It was simple and helpful. I still haven't figured out what to do with the IR receiving cables. I know they have something to do with remotes on other players, but I will figure it out later, when I actually plug my Blu-ray player in. (Since I didn't have a TV I lent it to a friend she could watch Netflix.) I found this one page useful to know all the inputs I had looked online before but I didn't find something as easy to fine as this:

After reading the setup guild and looking at the "End User License Agreement" (a huge pamphlet it came with) it was time to turn it on. To make the occasion more fun I had my friend turn it on for the first time ever while I recored it. Here is the video:

It took a little longer than I expected it would to turn on, but it was nice and happy. The instructions were super simple. And within 15 minutes or so I had my TV up and running. I got it connected it to WiFi. The remote is a lot more intuitive than I thought it would be after a few minutes it seemed work well. I was surprised that the shift button worked like a real keyboard and I have to hold shift click a button, unlike a cell phone or something (which I thought it would have been like because it is Android based.) The touchpad mouse thing it the only thing that I don't love. It is a bit tricky to use sometimes, but it works and does get you where you need to, it just takes some time to get used to, unlike the rest of it, which is pretty amazing. It is small and fits my hands like it was always meant to be in them. Here is a picture:

I needed something to watch and since every video show I would watch was blocked I turned to my other blog and watched Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog. It is an amazing video. Here is a picture of the awesome event:

This TV is amazing! It is huge and I am so thankful that I got it. Going from no TV to this is amazing. I am just about to get more popular. Thank you Sony Electronics!