Monday, October 18, 2010

The Competition

I was on facebook one day, and saw a note from Google TV that told me to head over to the Sony Blog to find out how to win one of their new TVs. It said go on twitter and tag @SonyElectronics and #SonyInternetTv and stick in the middle something about multitasking. I read the rules and found out it was judged on creativity so I thought of the best line I could and tweeted. I am a poor college student what could I lose for a witty thought on twitter. I won the first of the five given away.

From that point I had to sign my first affidavit of my life and even get it notarized. I felt like a true adult. Then the waiting started. The Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV was not even out yet, so there was no way I would get it yet and at that point only two weeks ago there wasn't even a release date. Since then I have been watching and waiting, and finally last Saturday it was actually launched. (Only in Sony Style Stores, it will go to Best Buy this weekend and more stores after if they can prove they have fast enough internet to really show it off.)

Today I received an email that since the product is now for sell mine would be ordered and sent, so now I just have to wait for it to ship and I will have my brand new 40" Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV. I am excited and whoever follows this can learn of my experiences with my new TV. I will tell of what I like and maybe if there are things, what I don't. I am excited. The wait continues.