Monday, October 25, 2010

Blocked Content

Today while on the internet I learned ABC, NBC, and CBS decided to block Google TV from working. Wow thats dumb.

I still haven't gotten my TV, hopefully soon. (Today Please). There are 3 things that I am excited to do with it. 1: Watch the shows I watch on Hulu. 2: Have fun playing with Google TV, maybe even develop apps 3: Watch 1080p Blu-ray movies.

I already learned that Hulu wouldn't work, so I was okay with not having a Queue anymore and just searching for the shows I like. Mostly just 3 or 4. Castle, Psych, Smallville and something else cool. I was excited at Best Buy last week when I was able to turn on the new episode of Castle and see how easy it was.

Now that it is blocked I am just sad. Does this mean that I will go and watch regular TV instead. No. I might plug in my computer using the cables that a techie like me would have, or I will just pirate them instead. I am more than willing to watch the commercials that the companies put on there, but it is their own fault for not learning how to market better, or even make sites that work. (ahem CWTV) Sadly CBS isn't a big deal to me, because the only show I would want to watch "The Big Bang Theory" hasn't been on their site since the first season.

The big networks are just being rude and dumb, where I was willing to watch content under their terms, when they block it I will just find some other way. Worst Idea Ever blocking the content. Google gave them lots of time in advance to optimize their sites, but they chose not to. Not Google's fault.