Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blu-ray Player

I a still waiting for my Sony Internet TV to be delivered. I sent and email to the apartment manager and she said she will open my apartment for the delivery man when it gets here. That is quite the relief, I was wondering how I was every going to get because I am either at work or class from about 8 am to 6 pm every weekday.

Since I was now going to have an awesome TV, I thought to myself I want to watch movies on it. I was just going to buy an Up-converting DVD player with HDMI output since my roommate hates Blu-ray Players. He says that they charge too much for people to use them and so by doing making sure that independent films and other things cannot succeed. He is very small business oriented. So earlier this week I told my friend we would go DVD shopping and she has been excited all week about.

We started our adventure by going to Costco. They only had one DVD player, which would have worked, but I wanted to shop around anyway. Next we went over to Best Buy to check. After looking at the DVD players and seeing the same one for $10 more, I decided I was maybe going to buy Sony just to have it work perfectly with my TV. After circling a few times the girl I was with just said get the Blu-ray, because our friend has a ton of movies we could borrow. That pushed me over and I just went for a cheap $100 Blu-ray Player. It is the Best Buy brand "Insignia" and they even got me to get a 2 year protection plan on it. I am now the owner of a Blu-ray player! I would not usually spend that much money, being a poor college student, but I recently noticed that I have just that much money coming to me in a rebate for the use of my credit card for the last two years or something. The funny thing is it has all these features like internet and Netflix streaming and I am just like I don't need that, my TV does that on its own. (Or at least will, if it ever comes.) I am not sure if it came with any cables to plug it in with, but luckily I was getting prepared and ordered some HDMI cables from Monoprice today, so I should be good.

The best part of the day was when my roommate got home. He ranted for a while. No one believed me how mad he would get over it, but they were so wrong.