Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keyboard and Mouse

Although the Sony remote is much more intuitive that I thought it would be, and makes for a good experience, some people (my roommate) would still rather use a regular keyboard and mouse to surf the net. Good news: YOU CAN!

After about half a day of complaining how he couldn't type on a small thumb keypad he tried plugging his wireless mouse and keyboard into the USB ports on the side of the TV and it worked without a hitch. He can now use his mouse instead of the track pad on the remote (which does have a learning curve). Also he gets to use his full sized keyboard which he enjoys. By using the keyboard he lost some functionality (turning the TV on, off works great then he is stuck), but we did find out that the Home button on any internet keyboard will bring up the home screen on the TV, and that something like Ctrl + K brings up the magic search bar. Good job Sony.