Monday, May 2, 2011


Supposedly the movie industry thinks that keeping new movies from online sources for one month gives anyone who is willing to buy a DVD or Blu-ray the chance to do it. After the month they let companies like Redbox, Amazon On Demand, Netflix's Stars Play, iTunes or others the chance to rent or sale digital copies of movie. Zediva has come and saved us from that stupid rule. Best part is it works great on almost anything Google TV, Android, Apple or even Windows. It works in the browsers so that means it works on mobile devices.

Zediva is a new company that has done something completely crazy. The day a movie comes out they go and buy DVDs, put them in their network of DVD players and let people rent and stream the actual DVD. They found a loophole which gives them the quickest access to stream movies. They are Awesome!

The pricing is actually great. They charge $2 per movie unless you buy 10 rentals where they give you it for $1 each. They even throw in bonuses sometimes. Each rental lets you watch the movie as many times as you want for 14 days, and you just click return when you think you are done with it. Therefore this is way better than Redbox. It is cheaper, works great, and you don't even have to leave your house. I don't think I will use Redbox again.

Lets just say Zediva opened an awesome window. I hope it's existence eventually gets rid of the one month rule, and they don't get sued out of existence.