Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Android and iOS Remote

I am happy to say that both the Android and iOS have remote apps in their market/app store. I have used both, and they are pretty much the same. I personally like it on the iPad which gives you a huge remote.

It is nice to not have to get up and get the remote, but I personally prefer the remote it came with, because the apps there are too many screens. I don't like switching between them, There are like 4, the normal view, the keyboard, the mouse and the other options(including power and input.) I like being able to access everything and the app doesn't do it. I still haven't found a way to use combinations of keys, meaning my shortcuts (the search key + a letter) or ctrl + alt + del to reset the system if there are problems.

I still need to prank a roommate and turn off the TV when they are using it, while I am in bed in another room, but someday I will.