Monday, August 18, 2014


I recently got married and moved to Wymount Terrace, BYU's on campus housing for married people. I soon found out they not have traditional cable. They have IPTV, meaning TV streaming through an internet line. You can view it through your computer or and IPTV STB(set top box).

First let me get out all my annoying complaints. They don't let you use it over wifi. The only access is through one wall network port on your wall. Everything but IPTV is blocked on that network port, meaning you can't use the internet and watch TV your computer at the same time. I find it annoying.

Since I have a TV I decided to go with the STB. BYU OIT charges about $10 for setup. $10 a month to rent the box, and a steep $200 if you lose any components(even cords I think). That is a waste of money, so I bought an Amino 130 on ebay for $75 new and I am going to sell if for $70 when I move.

All you need to do to get it working is: plug in the box and go to the webpage: If you ever need to edit the box settings it might be helpful to know the default password is either "leaves" or "snake".

Here are some other websites associated if you want them:

*Note this should have been posted like a year ago, but I forgot. Also when I moved out I just posted the box on the community Facebook page and sold it in 2 days, totally worth it.*